Growing up, I somehow knew that winning the national reading award and consistently having "talks a lot in class" indicated on my report card would prove to be beneficial one day.

Hi! I'm Cynthia Dennard, Native New Yorker voice-over artist with the ability to switch between your neighbor local to upper east side doyenne. I bring confidence, life, sexiness and humor to the written word whether it is for a museum, a car dealership or Playboy after dark. My ability to listen thoroughly, interpret the clients' needs and deliver a timely finished product stems professionally from my careers in both advertising and interior design.

My narration and commercial demos are available here for a listen. If you like what you hear, feel free to contact me via the listed email. It would be great to discuss how we could work together now or in the future.


Headphones: Sony Professional 75606

Microphone: Rode NT1-A Studio

Board: Focusrite Scarlett Solo 36 USB Audio